Creative Technology Production

We guard the integrity of your product throughout the creative process to ensure that it is presented in a way that is elevated, authentic, and legitimate.
Product experts and handlers in advertising and social shoots. Ensures products are shown with 100% accuracy on camera, and assists in testing, feasibility, creative solutions, on-set support and post support.

Where We Fit

Just as a production has gaffers, grips, sound, etc, Incite slots in as the product expert and handler, ensuring the device is shown with style and 100% accuracy. It’s our knowledge and understanding of your product that makes us an integral part of the production process.

Incite Support

Testing &
Post Support
& QC

Agencies sell product and Production Companies film the product. We work as the intermediary or bridge between Agency and Production to ensure the device is given “star” treatment throughout the process.

If there is a device in the shot, we produce that shot.

Our creative backgrounds make us uniquely positioned to offer solutions and expertise to technical problems that stay true to the vision of your creative team. We have been doing this for nearly 15 years and have worked on over 1,000 ads.

Let’s see what we can do for you.